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By Jaclyn Backhaus, Directed by Devon de Mayo, Presented by The Hypocrites

September 9th – October 30th

This crazy, funny show sets heroines from the 19th-century novels of Louisa May Alcott, Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters, in a mythical place of Moors. When our heroines receive proposals of marriage, they decide to escape. The men wage war on the women starting the Moors Wars. Jaclyn Backhaus’ ultimately moving and inventive play ends in beautiful prose like a chapter from the books these women originated.

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By Sofia Fredén, Directed by Breahan Eve Pautsch, Presented by Akvavit Theatre

September 15th – October 16th

In this madcap black comedy from Sweden, six accidental roommates struggle to find money, love and – hardest of all – their own apartment in Stockholm. Each works hard to manipulate the system in their own ways, but all of them are willing to go to extreme lengths to find a place (or person) to call home. They look for shelter in the wilderness, the bedroom, and, – in their most desperate moments – the government. As the characters lives spiral hilariously and disastrously out of control, they discover just how painfully high the cost of living really can be.

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By Lee Blessing, Directed by Patrick Belics, Featuring Sara Pavlak McGuire and Vincent P. Mahler

September 30th – October 23th

This Tony-nominated play by award winning playwright Lee Blessing follows one year of tumultuous arms negotiations between a young, hopeful American diplomat and a worldly Russian official who’s seen it all before. Directed by Artistic Director Patrick Belics (Spartan productions of “The Pillowman” and “Closer”,) “A Walk In The Woods” makes use of an unorthodox narrative structure to simultaneously illustrate the cold and impersonal nature of modern politics while putting a deeply human face on those who spend countless hours at the negotiation table.

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October 28th at 7:30PM

How many psychotherapists does it take to make a crowd laugh? Come find out when the Therapy Players take the stage!

Professional psychotherapists by day, they’ve been performing together as an improv troupe since 2013, and were the winners of the 2015 Chicago Collider Improv competition. Their revue “Phobia Shmobia” won a standing ovation at the Anxiety Disorders Association of America, and they brought down the house at the International Society for the Study of Self Injury, where they performed at the happy hour.

The troupe has played to sellout crowds in Chicago, Evanston, and Oak Park, and now they’re making their debut at the Den Theater in Wicker Park!

Laughs Even Your Insurance Company Can’t Deny!

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By Idris Goodwin, Directed by Jess McLeod, Presented by Haven Theatre

September 29th – November 12th

In this remixed coming-of-age an all-knowing DJ loops us through the tracks of three Midwestern teen rappers stranded in suburbia. Determined to find their artistic voices, Hank, Julian, and Luann are forced to combat the discord of crude technology, family disfunction, and ruthless rivalries as this B-Side of 1980’s hip-hop history is spun. Plug in your open mind and join Haven Theatre’s Chicago premiere of a throwback mixtape that goes to prove, we’re all just a work-in-progress.

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p-feastBy Celine Song, Directed by Gage Wallace, Presented by Red Theatre

September 17th – October 15th

Welcome to The Feast- where no meat is served. To fill the void, we reach for whatever is in our grasp – scientific facts, routines, memories, words and even each other. Red Theater presents this urgently consuming Chicago Premiere set in a post-meat apocalypse that asks just how far civilized people will go to fill their hunger.

Red Theater is Free.

Red Theater is supported by our Comrade Patron Program. For every $10 monthly donation we receive, Red Theater is able to provide three #FreeTheater seats to nontraditional audiences over the course of our season.

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A Gallery of Chicago Theater portraits. The gallery is open prior to performances, beginning at 6pm on Fridays and Saturdays and on Sundays @ 2pm

There are 7, 36 x 40 inch prints in handmade wooden frames, along with 20, 11 x 17 prints, also in handmade frames.

The portraits in this gallery are of: 
David Woolley
Kirsten Fitzgerald
Sheldon Patinkin
Sandra Marquez
Ike Holter
Charoline Neff
and Michael and Mona Heath
David Pasquesi
Fancis Guinan
Mike Nussbaum
John Judd
Chay Yew
Molly Brennan
Kimberly Senior
Stephanie Heller
Michael Patrick Thornton
Danny Goldring
Sean Fortunato
Heather Gilbert
Christine Pasqual
Michael Shannon
Elizabeth Laidlaw 
Erica Daniels
Leah Karpel
Marti Lions
Shade Murray
Cheryl Lynn Bruce
Brett Neveu
Bonnie Metzgar
Jon Berry