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Written by Mia McCullough, Directed by Sommer Austin, Presented by The Agency Theater Collective

November 3rd – December 11th

To live in Chagrin Falls, Oklahoma is to be in the killing business…

The town’s major employers are a cattle slaughterhouse and a penitentiary where lethal injection is administered. Whether they work at the slaughterhouse, play preacher or guard to death row inmates, or merely offer a bed and a hot meal to those visiting the prison, each resident of Chagrin Falls makes their living off of death and captivity.

Winner of the 2001 American Theatre Critics Association Osborn Award Chagrin Falls has also received a Joseph Jefferson Award and After Dark Award for Best New Work (2002), as well as a Cincinnati Entertainment Award for Best Production and first prize in the Julie Harris Playwriting Competition.

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Adapted by Andra Velis, Directed by Sean Graney, Presented by The Hypocrites

November 12th, 2016 – January 8, 2017

Adapted from Pauline Viardot-Garcia’s 1904 opera Cendrillon, and many of her other compositions, Andra Velis Simon’s musical-play is an elegantly irreverent exploration of the classic fairy tale. Here, Cinderella’s version of happily-ever-after does not include acceptance by the Prince. In the actor-as-orchestra style of The Hypocrites’ Gilbert & Sullivan opera work, Artistic Director Sean Graney directs this fun holiday-time show, perfect for the whole family. From the co-adapter of H.M.S. Pinafore and director of All Our Tragic.

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Presented by InGen Productions

December 15 – 18

Now in its 1,558th week!

Life is great on Seahaven Island. The sun shines every day, neighbors wave and say hello, and everyone gets along. There’s no reason to worry about any of the pesky problems of the world here. Come join us for a visit! Take a gander into the lives of Seahaven’s citizens, including its most special resident, Truman Burbank.

Truman has been the unwitting star of this show since his birth almost 30 years ago. Let’s just hope he doesn’t find out that his friends and family are actors, his hometown is a set, and his whole life is orchestrated by a man in a control booth.

“How’s It Going To End” is a deconstructed and remixed adaptation of The Truman Show. Utilizing sound, movement, dance, and theatrical replication, we’ll see what happens when the cracks and seams become visible and our world threatens to get a little bigger.

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DEATHSCRIBE 2016: The Ninth Annual Festival of Horror Radio Plays

(Please note this event takes place at LINCOLN HALL, 2424 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago)

Presented WildClaw Theatre Company

Monday, December 5th, at 8:00pm

WildClaw Theatre Company proudly presents Deathscribe 2016, the Ninth Annual International Festival of Radio Horror Plays on Monday, December 5th, at 8:00pm. This collection of bone-chilling audio nightmares will be performed live at Deathscribe’s NEW VENUE, Lincoln Hall, 2424 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago. A new ticket structure will also be in place for this year’s Deathscribe with admission at $35 for lower level seating, $30 for upper level seating and $25 for standing room only so be sure to purchase your ticket EARLY to reserve a seat!

The five finalists will send thrills up your spine as they are brought to life by Chicago’s finest actors and directors, accompanied by a live band and a team of sound effects artists – complete with live foley onstage. The winner of the Bloody Axe will be chosen by a panel of horror and theatre experts.

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A Gallery of Chicago Theater portraits. The gallery is open prior to performances, beginning at 6pm on Fridays and Saturdays and on Sundays @ 2pm

There are 7, 36 x 40 inch prints in handmade wooden frames, along with 20, 11 x 17 prints, also in handmade frames.

The portraits in this gallery are of: 
David Woolley
Kirsten Fitzgerald
Sheldon Patinkin
Sandra Marquez
Ike Holter
Charoline Neff
and Michael and Mona Heath
David Pasquesi
Fancis Guinan
Mike Nussbaum
John Judd
Chay Yew
Molly Brennan
Kimberly Senior
Stephanie Heller
Michael Patrick Thornton
Danny Goldring
Sean Fortunato
Heather Gilbert
Christine Pasqual
Michael Shannon
Elizabeth Laidlaw 
Erica Daniels
Leah Karpel
Marti Lions
Shade Murray
Cheryl Lynn Bruce
Brett Neveu
Bonnie Metzgar
Jon Berry